Boardroom power tips to create amazing career and business

My Dream

I am on a mission to help others, especially black professionals in corporate and entrepreneurs, find and rekindle that ‘fire within’ so they shine brighter, making quantum leaps up the corporate ladder, and drive massive success in their business. Becoming prosperous, wealthy, healthy, and create amazing value, making a big difference in their life’s and the life’s of others in the world.

 As a poor boy from rural Jamaica, I learnt from an early age to think outside the box while I was still inside the box. I dreamt big and saw nothing as an obstacle or barrier to whatever I wanted to achieve. I just jumped straight in and went for it with power of purpose and determination.


This attitude resulted in me starting my first business at 16 to help pay my college fees and I have started and build numerous businesses since then. This way of thinking also propelled me to become a Senior Executive at the age of 25 working at this level in global fortune 500 companies all over the world until I quit corporate for the second and final time to go after my dream in 2013. While in corporate most of the time I was the only black person at that senior level in these companies. My experiences and knowledge as a serial entrepreneur and former senior executive in global multi-nationals, gives me a unique advantage on what it takes and is needed to play the corporate game to win, grow your business and develop the right mind-set needed to create amazing and succeed.

“Successful people don’t sit around and wait for things to happen they innovate and make things happen. So In everything I do, no matter what situation whether an employee or an entrepreneur, whether big or small, I will always #CreateAmazing”.

My Passion

To educate, inspire and equip others to unshackle their past, embrace the present and look to the future with a mind set of empowerment, abundance, & prosperity, leaving them feeling as though they can go after their dreams, CONQUER anything and leave a legacy.

What people say about Romeo

Working with Romeo has provided me with a better structure and road map for my business. His knowledge has no bounds and whatever we ask he was able to give us a solution. He has taught me how to navigate numerous business challenges and issues with super great results.


“We sometimes encounter exceptional people. Romeo is one of these people. Those that are fortunate to work with and for him are likely to prosper greatly.”

Charles Clarke

Romeo is a highly resourceful leader with excellent skills in working with people at all levels. His skills and experience in delivering change is evident. Romeo is driven by a clear vision on purpose and quality.

It’s been a pleasure to work with Romeo.

‪Ketan Varia‬‬‬‪‬‬‬‬
CEO, Kenetic Solutions

“Working with Romeo has been really good. He has helped me to better understand my start-up business and the earning potential that it has. He understands every area of business and all the pitfalls that business can go through. He has helped me to overcome and avoid some of these pitfalls. My business is growing from strength to strength thanks to Romeo’s input as my Coach.”

Abiodun Oshodi
Gecko Visuals

Romeo is a talented consultant who brings to clients his industry expertise and superb client handling skills. He’s a pleasure working with; always open to ideas, committed to doing what is required to help clients prosper.

Lance Mercereau
Chief Marketing Office‬r‬‬‬

“Romeo is driven to help business succeed. He uses his experience, as a senior executive and an entrepreneur to help me better understand the essentials for building and growing my business. I have been implementing so many of the ideas and strategies I learned and my business is reaping the benefits big time.”

Ingrid Riley
CEO, Connectimas Group

Boardroom power tips to create amazing career and business