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How do I monitor the progress of my business?

What accounting records are required? Every business registered for VAT here in the United Kingdom is required to maintain financial records according to the guidelines given by HMRC. Similarly, it is a requirement of the Companies Act that every company should keep proper accounting records of money received and paid, of all sales and purchases,…

The Power of I Like You

Just as you can admire a tall tree without being able to see all the complicated system of roots that lets the tree survive, you can also experience the most simple expressions of others without realizing how these are motivated by a series of complex factors that lets them thrive as a human being.


When someone either in your professional life or social life looks at you and says, “I like you,” for example, are they just being polite? Or, does saying “I like you” serve a purpose for them that dwells as deeply as the roots of a tall tree?

The CEO of You

  Those who achieve outstanding success in there careers are seldom those who have the greatest knowledge, qualifications or abilities. It usually goes to those who manage their career effectively using a strategy. Most of the time this strategy comes from working with a coach or mentor.   I have observed and examined the careers…

Don't Label me


Throughout life we will meet people who keep telling us what we can or cannot become. Sometimes this is good, but more often than not, we are negatively labeled. Yet, it is only when we affirm these negative labels that they seep into our subconscious and paralyse our progress. We cannot stop these daggers from…

How organised are you?

How organised are you? Did you know that people who write down daily objectives, task and goals are 10 times more likely to achieve them than those who don’t. How organised are you? Do you like to plan ahead or do you like to live on the wild side and take each day as it comes…