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I am here to tell you that I know how you feel and  that you are not alone in this place. This is why I wrote Enthusiasm Unchained.  I wanted to give you a technique to feel like a CONQUER Gladiator and take control of your career progression.

The book is full of real techniques and numerous practical tools to gain success and play the corporate game to win. These tools and experiences have been used by me over my 20 years of experience as a senior executive and serial entrepreneur and have been used by hundreds of other senior executives who I have mentored and coached.


Unshackle your success

To level the playing field to make it better for you to play fairly and win you have to learn how to:

  • Dream bigger and stretch farther and faster
  • Develop the right mindset for career progression and success
  • Deal with stereotypic issues faced by black professionals in the workplace
  • Roadmap your vision and set I.D.E.A.L goals
  • Use the right tool to plan your dream career path with precision
  • Take decisive Action now to become a High Performer
  • Use powerful tools to make quantum leaps in your personal & professional life
  • Deliver value and phenomenal results
  • Leave people wanting more of you where ever you go

Enthusiasm Unchained will teach you all this and much more. This book will become “THE” textbook for black professionals and entrepreneurs for years to come.

  • This book is designed to help you fulfill your dreams and goals in life. Every night I read this book, cannot put it down, I would recommend anyone to purchase this book. This book will help you to progress in life

    Pauline Swaby
    Document Controller
  • What I like about Enthusiasm Unchained is that, Romeo is a straight talker and tells it as it is. The book shows how to break the mold of the corporate world; unshackling negative thoughts that can hold you back so you have the time to dream and think bigger. The book gives real advice and implementable tools on how to be positive and deliver high
    performance in all situations, and be the best you can be. An excellent read!

    Wincie Knight
    Social Responsibility Manager, Nickelodeon
  • “This book (Enthusiasm Unchained) should be a mandatory read for all black professionals. It shows how to cut through the fog of uncertainty and lack of knowledge on career success that surrounds a lot of black professionals in the corporate world. Romeo outlines a rigorous approach with practical prescriptions that are easy to understand and if used could make the journey up the corporate ladder less burdensome for black professionals. This book could do more to boast black professionals personal and career aspirations than any other book written in years”.

    O’Brien Dennis
    Executive Director – Obrien Dennis Foundation - Author, Understanding Male Sexual Abuse
  • “Not only will this book help young black professional it will help young blacks that have lost their way in life. This book is helpful, instructive and encourages black people to understand who they are and where their from. I enjoyed reading it and I sincerely hope others will feel as I did. Well done love and thank you for doing your bit to encourage young black professionals whatever background they come from”.

    Diana Antwi
    Credit Control, Belfour Beatty
  • “Enthusiasm Unchained has tapped in to the heart of the issue being faced by black professionals in the corporate world and has distilled it in a way that is easy to understand. The tools and processes in the book are simple yet effective and will make a massive change in the life of those who implement them. I certainly will be implementing them in my professional and personal life”.

    Alterrell Mills
    Harvard MBA Student and Former Walls Street Professional
  • “Romeo Effs unravels the mysteries of career success for black professionals, and reveals that luck and magic are not the ingredients for success, but instead sets out a methodical process that can be learned and replicated. Whether you have been employed for a long time and you’re feeling stagnant in your career or you are a graduate just entering the corporate world, there are very important lessons and tools contained in this book that can make your quest towards career success far easier”.

    Rashada Harry
    Vodafone Global Enterprise | Director, Your Future,Your Ambition
  • If you are a black professional seeking to climb the corporate ladder, “Enthusiasm Unchained” is the ideal book for you. It is packed with tips and practical tools to unleash your full potential as you navigate pitfalls, office politics and challenges. The author’s approach and use of examples is refreshing and inspiring.

    Duane Wright
    Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking
  • “Enthusiasm Unchained was a brilliant read. As a young black professional, this book provided active examples on how to overcome fallacious stereotypes formed in and outside the corporate realm. Enthusiasm Unchained provide the tools black professionals need to embrace and rise above the daily challenges faced in the corporate world. More distinctively, the book highlights the need to maintain your identity and to always deliver high performance. This is a must read book and I will definitely be using tips learned from the book from today onwards”!

    Ainsley Bell
    CEO, Mania Movements

You have all it takes to win the race 

You have got the qualifications, and the skills, don’t settle for less than you deserve and is worth. You’ve got to step up and grab your own career progression in your hands and start steering it in the direction you know you are suppose to go. Its time to get to the top of your career quicker. This is what you need to start!

Be inspired!
Be Empowered!
Live your dream!
Win the race to the top and live your dream!

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