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Executive Insight

Why do some people succeed and achieve levels way beyond their imagination, while others struggle?

Executive Insight gives you the opportunity to hear first hand from, and be in the same room with, ordinary people who have achieve extra ordinary success and create amazing in their life.

Join Romeo Effs and his high profile guests from around the world will engage and inspire you with their messages of personal achievement and overcoming barriers and obstacles. You must give yourself the benefit of leveraging the success of others to help you on your success journey.

No one is self-made!

Mentoring and Coaching

Romeo has been doing 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching for over 15 years, to hundreds of top CEOs, world-class entrepreneurs and other high-performance individuals through his exclusive private programs. Due to the duties and demands of all his other programmes, writing and publishing books and CEO of his Group of companies, as well as numerous speaking engagements, Romeo only accept a very limited number of persons each year to his 1-to-1 Mentoring or Coaching Private Program.

“I am very diligent about my commitment to deliver extraordinary results for those I chooses to work with. I only believe in delivering high performance, spectacular and life changing results, and this is what I help my clients achieve—anything short of that in my eyes is unacceptable. I take the commitment and relationships with my 1-to-1 clients very seriously”. – Romeo Effs

Because of this he will also expect a serious commitment from the client as well—in effort and investment.


Ready to take your personal and professional life or business to the next level?

Feel like you are working hard and still not getting that breakthrough?

Lack the clarity on what you want to achieve and accomplish?

THEN IT’S TIME TO STOP. IT’S TIME TO REASSESS and RESET and get on the right path to your success.

I am ready to help you make it happen. If you’ve been trying to push through and work your hardest for a break through in you career, your business or your life and feeling like you just can’t crack it, then stop trying to go it alone!


Empire Builders Academy – Business Builder Programme – LIVE!

ENOUGH EXCUSES…. Its time to supercharge your life and your business.

If you want to grow your business and be making more profit in less time with less frustration and stress, then this is an ideal programme for you.

A 6-months programme, it has been designed specifically to help you understand business building strategies, key profit and finance fundamentals, and to lay out a solid foundations to grow and transform the profit you make form your business, so you have more time for adventure and the things that makes you live!

Empire Builders Academy – Six Figure Executives – LIVE!

The Six Figure Executive is a game-changing programme that incorporates the very best techniques, tools and advice that I’ve learnt and used during my 25 years in corporate at a senior executive level, most of the times being the only black person in the company at that level.

It’s designed specifically for you as a Black, Coloured or Asian professional in the corporate world, with the sole aim of giving you the tools you need to make quantum leaps, further and faster up the corporate ladder.

After doing this programme you will have the skills to level the playing field, feel successful and fulfilled, not frustrated and lost.